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Fall Plantings

The best time to do planting is in the fall! Here are 5 reasons why:

  • Soil is better suited for root development in the fall because it is warmer
  • Weather is usually most ideal for plant maintenance: plenty of moist air, good ground soaking rains and no scorching sun.
  • Bulbs, perennials and shrubs love it
  • Fall provides enough time for the plants to store enough nutrients to help them survive the winter season and bloom nicely in the early spring.
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Fall Cleanup Services

With summer almost gone, it’s time to do some fall planting and get ready for a fall cleanup. Let Tommy Pollina Landscape Company keep your landscape looking beautiful throughout the fall while prepping it for winter with Fall Cleanup services. Your Fall Cleanup options include:

  • raking and removal of leaves
  • removal of all debris on your property
  • removal of all debris on your property
  • redefining flower and shrub beds
  • cultivating beds that are not mulched
  • lawn aeration
  • winter fertilizer

Fall Cleanup begins in November, weather permitting, and continues through December. Call Tommy Pollina Landscape at 847-698-6868 to schedule a fall cleanup of your property.

Lawn Aeration or Core Aeration

Tommy Pollina Landscape Company recommends core aeration, at least once a year, as part of a balanced lawn care service to achieve maximum health of your lawn. Lawn aeration, also known as core aeration, is the process of mechanically removing plugs of soil from the lawn, allowing for water and fertilizers to have better access to your lawn’s root system.

Lawn aerating also loosens compacted soil which encourages the lawn’s roots to grow. With more oxygen and nutrients reaching your lawn’s root system, your lawn will grow to become beautiful, lush, and verdant.

Be sure to add lawn aerating to your fall cleanup options and keep your lawn looking healthy throughout the seasons. Call 847-698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company- serving Chicagoland since 1982.


To achieve a great-looking, healthy lawn throughout the year, you need a properly balanced fertilization program. Fertilization is important throughout the year, because fertilizing your yard properly helps your lawn develop a dense rooting system to keep invasive plant species from taking hold and ruining your lawn. Tommy Pollina Landscape Company uses a specific winter formula to keep the lawn healthy even in lower temperatures. Call 847-698-6868 to include winter fertilization in your fall cleanup program!

Please call 847-698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company to order your fall plants and schedule installation.