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Summer Services


Tommy Pollina Landscape offers several trimming services. It is recommended to trim deciduous shrubs in the month of June and evergreens in July. However due to the weather conditions in 2015 we are trimming during August as well.


Summertime pruning is the manual removal of branches, buds and roots which improves the overall look and health of plants. It is most frequently done to flowering plants and fruit trees to increase their overall yield.


Keeping flower beds and shrub lines clean and beautiful as intended by the design of these areas of your yard's plantings means that you must have a regular strategy of weeding out invasive plant species. Removing undesireable plants from your planting beds will allow the plants you want to grow and flower flourish.


If you want a good looking lawn throughout the year, you need to have a properly balanced fertilztion program. Due to weather conditions in 2015 we have extended our fertilization program. You especially want to fertilize your lawn becasue it will help the grass develop a dense rooting system. The dense rooting system makes it difficult for any invasive plant species to take hold and ruin your lawn.

If you haven't already, you can call us to sign up for our lawn maintenance program and keep your property looking good for the rest of this year and going into nest year. Please call (847) 698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company.