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Seasonal Services

Summer Services

Landscape Makeover

Summer in Chicago is a great time for family and friends to get together outdoors. Tommy Pollina Landscape Company will work with you in creating an outdoor environment that will enhance any occasion. Because every property and its usage is unique, Tommy Pollina will provide you with functional yet price conscious front yard, side yard and backyard landscape designs that will surely fulfill your needs.

Design Services

Whether for residential or commercial property, any landscape can be transformed to serve both functional needs and beauty enhancements. With over 30 years of landscape experience, our designers know how to give your the landscape transformation you want and within your budget constraints. (Learn More)


Mulch is organic material that is placed over soil. Spreading mulch or mulching provides the following benefits to your landscape:

  • Inhibits the germination of seeds from most weeds
  • Reduces the need for the use of herbicides
  • Lessens the need for constantly cultivating bed lines
  • Moderates soil temperature on hot sunny days
  • Retains moisture during dry weather decreasing the need for watering
  • Keeps the soil in a loam state which allows your plants and bushes to flourish
  • Inhibits soil runoff during rain storms

Planting of Annuals

Annuals refer to flowers that grow, bloom and die in a single season. Petunias, begonias, geraniums and pansies are some popular annuals. Perennials are flowers that once planted will bloom every year such as tulips and roses. Most gardens have a combination of annuals and perennials. During the summer, you can alter both your plant bed design and the colors within. (Read More)

Please call (847) 698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company to order your flats of annuals and schedule installation.


During the summer there are several types of fertilizers that are needed. Two examples of this would be one to properly fertilize lawns and the second would be fertilizers for shrubs in planting beds. A proper fertilizing program prevents invasive plant species to take hold and ruin your lawn or bushes.

To sign up for our lawn care program and keep your property looking good throughout the year, please call (847) 698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company.


While pruning or trimming bushes, shrubs and evergreens typically improve the appearance and health of your landscape, done incorrectly it can damage the plants. Tommy Pollina Landscape offers several tree trimming and pruning services for your bushes, shrubs and evergreens. Properly pruning plants can enhance your overall landscape design by ensuring that the flowers and vegetation will be allowed to bloom in their proper season. Deciduous shrubs, bushes and evergreens have different timetables for pruning or trimming based on the planting zone in which you live. Tommy Pollina Landscape takes all of these factors into consideration when they provide trimming or pruning services to assure optimum results for your landscape.

To discuss and schedule services for trimming bushes, shrubs and evergreens please call 847-698-6868 or contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company - serving Chicagoland since 1982.