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Planting Bed After Trimming & Pruning Bushes
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Trimming & Pruning

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While pruning or trimming bushes, shrubs and evergreens typically improve the appearance and health of your landscape, done incorrectly it can damage the plants. Tommy Pollina Landscape offers several trimming and pruning services for your bushes, shrubs and evergreens. Properly pruning plants can enhance your overall landscape design by ensuring that the flowers and vegetation will be allowed to bloom in their proper season. Deciduous shrubs, bushes and evergreens have different timetables for pruning or trimming based on the planting zone in which you live. Tommy Pollina Landscape takes all of these factors into consideration when they provide trimming or pruning services to assure optimum results for your landscape.


 To discuss and schedule services for trimming bushes, shrubs and evergreens please call 847-698-6868 or fill pout one of the forms on our contact us page.

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