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About Lawn Maintenance

Call Tommy Pollina at (847) 698-6868 and let us take care of all your lawn care needs. Typically, our most popular weekly lawn care services are:

  • lawn mowing 

  • lawn edging

  • removing paper or debris from your yard

  • recycling or bagging your clippings (your choice)


Tommy Pollina is a full service landscape company so you are able to customize your weekly lawn care to include such lawn services as:

Yard Drainage and Grading Solutions

Contact Tommy Pollina Landscape Company to help you fix any yard drainage or grading problems! Your yard drainage, landscape drainage and grading problems can start small, but often get worse with time if left unresolved. The last thing you want is water in your house!


Your existing topography will be measured by our qualified team, often using a laser level to measure for an exact assessment. From here, determinations can be made as to where the water is and where it needs to go. Adjustments to your topography will be made from this assessment, and a yard drainage solution will be made just for you, either through grading or by installing a drainage system.


Contact Tommy Pollina Landscape by calling (847) 698-6868 or by completing one of our contact us forms to receive professional and affordable lawn services and yard drainage solutions for your property!

Tommy Pollina Landscape Company - serving Chicagoland since 1982.

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Tommy Pollina Employee Mowing the Lawn
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