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Snapshot of a Completed Landscape Design for a Backyard
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Landscape Design

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Professional Landscape Design

A functional landscape that serves many purposes needs to be designed. The designers at Tommy Pollina Landscape are professionally designated, licensed and insured landscape designers. A landscape is no longer limited to a few trees, bushes, and flowers placed around your property. The designers at Tommy Pollina bring years of experience in showing how you can transform your outdoor areas into a spaces that can service all the functions you need whether you are looking for commercial landscaping or home landscaping.

Residential Landscape Design

Home landscaping designs can include not only a  and a vegetable garden but also a brick patio, a , a retaining wall or even an . Adding features such as these not only add value to your home but provide an area where you and your family can enjoy company or just relax. With just a simple call you can arrange for a  design consultation by calling (847) 698-6868 or filling out one of our contact forms to get ideas as to how we can help you improve your home’s curb appeal and property value.

Commercial Landscape Design

Your commercial landscaping will set the tone as to what expectations your visitors and customers may have before they enter your business. A design that surrounds a  that leads into your business with beautifully designed  will always put a smile on your visitor’s face. These same walkways can look spectacular at dusk or evening by adding the proper lighting. These basics alone, when designed right, will definitely enhance your business’ property value.

You can see some of our beautiful landscape designs or get some landscaping ideas by visiting our picture gallery .


Please call (847) 698-6868 or fill out one of our simple contact us forms to arrange your consultation for your landscape projects.

Tommy Pollina Landscape Company – providing Chicago landscaping since 1982.

Purple Coneflower
Designer Working on a Landscape Design
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