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Since 1982 it has been the mission of The Tommy Pollina Landscape Company to solve the landscape problems that both businesses and residences experience. Our services are very diverse and are designed to both beautify and solve problems in a way that make your landscape functional.


As our climate changes your property will experience water drainage, vegetation and temperature problems. Within this website you can read about how we create solutions to these problems.


Problem: We have water drainage problems in our yard because water pools in various locations on our property after it rains.


Solution: As one of Chicago’s premiere yard drainage companies Tommy Pollina Landscape Company, Inc. will provide you with landscaping drainage ideas that actually work. Water management on any property is essential to not only protect your house from water seepage but also your vegetation from root rot. [see Drainage page]

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Problem: When I look at my house - I think both the trees and shrubs could look better.


Solution: Trees and shrubs add color, beauty and shade to your property and can define your property lines. However if positioned and nurtured incorrectly they may create long-term problems for your property. Allow Tommy Pollina Landscape Company, Inc. to properly adjust your landscape using the vegetation you already have and you will have a property that everyone will enjoy looking at.

Problem: All the plants in my landscape beds do not seem as perky and vibrant anymore.


Solution: Often this is caused by 3 problems happening simultaneously: (1) increasing temperatures which accelerates the evaporation of water; (2) the dirt lacking nutrients; and (3) weeds. Correctly applying a particular kind of  Mulch as a ground cover will not only enhance the beauty of your landscape beds, but also reduce weed growth in your flower beds and provide moisture for the plants it surrounds, solving the problem of water evaporation as temperatures rise.

Problem: Sump pump discharge is causing water to accumulate on our landscape and sometimes causes water seepage in our basement.


Solution: Sump pump discharge management can sometimes be a bit tricky. There are 3 major problems that Tommy Pollina Landscape Company, Inc. are often called in to solve:


(1) we seem to be getting foundation water seepage. Often this happens because the sump drains too close to foundation. The solution for this problem involves readjusting the landscape and the sump’s drainage system;


(2) the sump pump seems to be working very hard every time it rains. This problem usually happens because the sump drains too close to your house so the sump pump keeps recycling the same water it keeps discharging. The solution for this problem often entails adjusting the sump’s discharge process and the adjacent landscape;


(3) the sump pump seems to work differently in different weather, especially when it is cold outside. The solution for this problem is to evaluate if the sump pump is using incorrect discharge mechanisms. Often, in the cold weather, water will freeze in the discharge mechanisms. Ultimately this causes the sump to burn out and often causes water buildup in your basement. Tommy Pollina Landscape Company, Inc. can provide many types of solutions to solve sump pump discharge water buildup on your property and around your house. 

Landscape Designs - a well designed landscape will not only add value to your property but also offer your family the functionality you want of your property.


Maintenance - Seasonal clean ups, trimming bushes, fertilizing and mowing lawns are all part of our weekly maintenance programs.


Landscape Lighting - provides safety for your visitors at night and beautifies your landscape for evening enjoyment.  


No matter what service you choose, our team will both meet with you to assess your needs and then work with you to develop a customized service program or solution that meet your landscaping needs. For example: if your project involves design work, one of our qualified designers works with you to determine the best use of your property and then provides a design that is both functional and beautifying. 


Allow us to say that no matter what service is provided, when a client is happy, we consider our job well done. We always strive to do an excellent job. The results of our efforts to serve our clients well is echoed by the fact that many clients have been working with us since our first season in 1982. We hope to develop such relationships with new clients as we move forward each year.


We are conveniently located in Mt. Prospect enabling us to serve Chicago and many of the surrounding suburbs, such as:

  • Park Ridge,

  • Glenview, 

  • Mt. Prospect,

  • Niles, Winnetka,

  • Wilmette, 

  • Norwood Park,

  • Edison Park,

  • Oak Park, 

  • River Forest,

  • Elmhurst, 

  • Arlington Heights,

  • Barrington, 

  • the North and the Northwest Neighborhoods of Chicago.


If you do not see your hometown listed, do not be discouraged! The list is not meant to be all-inclusive, and we probably are able to work with you.


Please contact us for more information and don't forget to check this season's coupons for additional savings and values.


If you have worked with us before let us know how we did and submit a review. We are always looking for input and ways we can serve you better.

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