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Before & After Pictures of a Summer Makeover
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Summer Makeovers

What is a Summer Makeover?

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When the plant life in and around your property is looking messy and overgrown you should consider a Summer Makeover with the objective to create both an enjoyable landscape that is visually appealing and provides the family with a yard that serves multiple functions. This is often accomplished by just rejuvenating the existing landscape. Done correctly, you can extend your yard’s summer appearance well into fall.


The makeover process therefore begins with planning out a yard’s many functions consisting of what the homeowner is thinking about, what the family needs, considerations for pets and what the landscape designer can contribute with his or her insights of design and function.


Once the property’s makeover plans and functions are determined, the landscape designer can now complete a landscape design that will incorporate all the family needs and desires. This designer will also make sure that the landscape’s visual appeal will extend well into fall and possibly even the winter. The ultimate objective is make your property inviting to all family members, family pets and friends, no matter what the season.

After Planning - The Makeover Project Can Begin

The size of the yard and the amount changes planned for the makeover are the two key factors contributing to how much time it will take to complete the makeover. Another factor in today’s economy is supply. Are the plants, bushes and trees selected for your yard going to be available? They may be available during the planning stage, however it is not uncommon today to have to make last minute alterations in plant selections because of availability issues. This is why you want to work with a highly skilled and seasoned landscape designer and a well established landscaper, like Tommy Pollina Landscape Company, who has many resources. The Tommy Pollina designer will be able to use those resources to make intelligent choices for plan alterations that will not sacrifice the integrity of your plans if replacements are required.

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The Results of a Makeover Well Done

Below are 4 pictures showing the results of various types of makeovers that the Tommy Pollina Landscape Company has done. You can see that plant choices, color and design (layouts) all play their part in these Summer Makeovers.

A series of Summer Makeover Pictures
Blue Hydrangeas in Full Bloom
New Pathway Look After A Summer Makeover
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